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Careers with MontAsia

We're hiring for all positions.
We may consider housing an exceptional applicant.

Working with the MontAsia Family

Great Pay & Rewards

We've paid over $20/hour for the right person.
We have nightly tip outs, Front of House averages over $100, often going over $300; Back of House gets at least $15, and $50 + is not uncommon.

We have annual and seasonal bonuses, and potential to move into ownership. 

Promotion Possibilities

We have a lot of room to grow within our restaurant. We're aiming for Chef Lee being more of an owner once we find the right chef or cook. We're looking for a long term head bartender as our current rock star will eventually move to Mexico City, and we're looking for a head waitress.
If you outgrow our small town, Chef Lee has a lot of connections at restaurants from Malaysia to France, from DC to Albuquerque, and as a former director of the MT Restaurant Association, he knows tons of MT chefs that are hiring, from James Beard award winning restaurants to lodges and ski areas.

Flexible Family

We hire rarely, and when we do, we cherish our amazing finds. We'll make sure your vacay requests are all approved, we'll work around your schedule, we'll make sure this is a place you are valued, safe, respected, and also challenged and rewarded.
We're a small team, we all work hard, and we have a lot of fun and make a lot of money doing so.

Get in Touch

A visit is always best, but if you're out of town, we can arrange a phone call too,
and we always love a resume, especially one with references.


MontAsia was founded in 2018- we've enjoyed high ratings, customer satisfaction, and steady growth culminating in two consecutive awards ('20 and '21) for The Best Asian Food in MT.
We've been featured in all of MT's leading newspapers, and in several foodie vlogs and channels.
Our fun mix of Malaysian and Montanan food is unique, and we have decades of restaurant experience that we love passing on to our crews. 

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